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Missoula CT scans, made better for our patients

CT or computerized tomography creates a 3D image of the body. It uses an x-ray that rotates around the body. CT is used to take images of multiple areas including the brain, neck, abdomen, pelvis, joints and blood vessels. CT just takes seconds to create high resolution 3D images for most exams.

Montana Imaging Center uses the latest protocols with advanced hardware and software to minimize radiation dose and create the sharpest images. A chest CT scan dose is now very similar to a digital chest x-ray, and both take just seconds.
Using the latest CT technology and innovative features, Montana Imaging Center is able to deliver outstanding image quality while still achieving a 50-80% reduced radiation dose.

Did you know our CT machine is just plain better?

Innovative features ensure that you can acquire high-quality images routinely at very low patient dose.

And at the Montana Imaging Center, patient comfort is our specialty. Our CT scanner offers a spacious ultra-wide bore and wide patient table that allows for a comfortable CT scanning experience.

The Montana Imaging Center is an innovator in CT and not only uses new advanced hardware and software, but in certain cases advanced post-processing software to further improve and evaluate the images.

And it's green.

The CT scanner at Montana Imaging Center incorporates a host of innovative adaptive power management technologies, helping to decrease energy consumption minimizing the environmental footprint.

Reduced radiation

Superior quality images with a 50-80% reduced radiation dose, thanks for the latest CT technology and innovation.

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