“I’ve gotta say… this was actually…fun.”

An actual review from a real patient.

"Straightforward and proactive approach to medical treatment is both effective and appreciated."

I was initially introduced to Dr. McCue when he became the team doctor for the Montana Grizzlies football team in the early 2000’s.  During that time he provided myself and my teammates medical care that took into account our desire to return to play as soon as possible but always more heavily weighed our long-term health and wellbeing.  While those treatment decisions were not always popular at the time and difficult to make, they were undoubtedly made in our best interests at all times and I thank him for that.  Over the past 20 years, Dr. McCue has continued to provide his insight and expertise to a wide variety of medical issues that arisen throughout my life and now my family’s life.  Whether his treatment is focused on myself or my children, Dr. McCue’s straightforward and proactive approach to medical treatment is both effective and appreciated. 

Dylan M. McFarland

"Dr. McCue provides a first class medical experience for all his patients!"

I personally saw the first class care he provides for the student-athletes and all of his patients. His professionalism, trustworthiness and knowledge as a sports medicine physician/radiologist provides a unique opportunity to accurately convey MRI results and provide premium care to his patients. He has unique and extensive medical knowledge as a physician and radiologist. Dr. McCue is professional, trustworthy and most importantly cares about the well being of all his patients. Missoula is lucky to have a doctor with his clinical and radiology skills. He could not come with any higher recommendation!


Dane Oliver

"Very knowledgeable and approachable"

“Dr. McCue’s diagnostic imaging reports are thorough, yet succinct and easy to understand. He is very knowledgeable and approachable, as there have been a few occasions where he was happy to do MRI over-reads to help me better care for my patients. I feel very confident in Dr. McCue’s radiology report findings, and as a result I know I can confidently provide my patients with proper treatment options.”

Dr. Krista Brayko

"In summary in case people don’t like to read long reviews: HIGHER QUALITY, SUPERIOR CARE, LESS EXPENSIVE."

4 things made MT Imaging Center a phenomenal experience:

Price Transparency: After spending an hour on the phone between my surgeon’s office, insurance, and the competitor imaging office, I discovered I would still not know what I would be paying until after the MRI was done and I would receive numerous bills in the mail. One quick call to Montana Imaging Center and the price was straightforward and given with detail and refreshing transparency. AND their price is one-fourth of their competitor!  There is only one bill at this place!

Personalized Patient Care: From working with Renn at the front desk and billing, Tanner running the MRI, and Dr. McCue being present and involved from start to finish, I was blown away by the comfort, information, and care I was given. I’ve never actually met my radiologist before from previous injuries and Dr. McCue delivered a personalized imaging service complete with a face to face run-through of my MRI image and diagnosis. The family care background of Dr. McCue’s professional history really shines at this imaging center. Who knew you could actually meet your radiologist and have them go through the results with you?

Immediate Results: Shortly after my MRI, Dr. McCue personally showed and explained to me the MRI images and provided me with a diagnosis (same day right after the MRI!). I have open access to these images on their patient portal.


Everyone I worked with during my experience: Renn, Tanner, and Dr. McCue were very pleasant, friendly, considerate, informative AND happy.  They figured out something good  over at Montana Imaging Center.

Paul Fredenberg

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