MRI clinics in Montana.

We’re legally required to tell you this.

The Federal Government (Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act, Sections 6409 and 6003 dated March 23, 2010) mandates we provide information on facilities other than those owned by our physicians. You have the right to choose your facility. If you would like to receive services at another facility we will be happy to provide you with a referral. 

Additional surrounding area MRI facilities:

  • Advanced Imaging at Community Medical Center (Missoula)
  • St. Patrick Hospital (Missoula)
  • Missoula Bone and Joint (Missoula)
  • Marcus Daly Hospital (Hamilton)
  • Monida Mobile MRI
  • St. Joseph Medical Center (Polson)
  • MRI Center of Helena
  • Great Falls Clinic
  • Kalispell Regional Medical Center 


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